Seasons With The Extraordinary Wildlife And Culture Of Madagascar

The “antipode” is a point on a sphere diametrically opposite another. I have traveled and worked in some of the most remote places on the globe, including Madagascar, where I spent months in rainforests studying the sex lives of poison frogs, asking questions, with science, such as: Is that courtship? Do they care for their children? What are they yelling about? Why are they social?

Along with my frog, chameleon and lemur associates, I came to have human friends in Madagascar as well, who shared rice and stories with me.

This book is a story of moving between cultures, expectations, and economies. It is a story of nature, of field work and sweat, of being dependent on the vagaries of weather, and on the cycles of the moon and tides. It is a story of low-tech science, of observation and experiment, of rainforests still standing, and of those that have fallen.